• High Quality Ozone Test Chamber

High Quality Ozone Test Chamber


High Quality Ozone Test Chamber


Ozone is a major factor in rubber cracking although it is rare in the atmosphere, ozone aging test chamber simulates and enhance the condition of ozone in the atmosphere to study the effects of ozone on rubber, and then identify and evaluate the method to resist ozone and aging for rubber, adopt effective anti-aging measures to enhance the life of rubber products

Ozone Aging Test Chamber is widely used to detecting products quality in measuring quality control; Rubber & Plastics; automobile production; wire and cable; packing materials; instruments and meters; medical equipment; civilian nuclear energy;  civil aviation; colleges and universities; research laboratories; inspection arbitration,and technical supervision  departments and other rubber products.

Technical sheet:

 Machine structure

1.  Machine type: integral type

2.  External material: 1.0 mm thickness stainless steel or paint coated outter shell

3.  Internal material: 1.0 mm thickness stainess steel

4. Insulation material: Resistant to high temperature , high density PU foam

5. Door: single-door,Good sealing performance, with thermal insulation layer and prevent dewing electric heating device, flexible open.

6. Window: 3 layer vacuum close observation window set on the door,W330xH450xD40mm

7. One entrance hold for test wire, Diameter of the hold: 50mm, the hole on the side of the chamber,with stopper.

8. Air conditioning channel:1 pcs centrifugal fan ,heater, evaporator, drain, temperature sensors, ozone concentration sensor

9. Control panel: The display of controller , power switch, running & fault index

10. Mechanical room:Refrigeration units, water pans, drain hole

The power distribution control cabinet:Switchboard, exhaust fan , refrigeration units, power master switch

11. Heater: heating system,Tubular stainless steel electric heater

12. The humidifier :Boiler type humidifying system.

Safety protection device

1.  the refrigeration system: The compressor overheating/ Compressor flow/Compressor over-pressure/ Cooling fan overheating/ The compressor oil pressure protection

2.  test chamber: Adjustable over-temperature/Air conditioning channel over-temperature limit/ Fan motor overheating

3.  the other: The total power phase sequence and the lack of protection /Electric leakage protection/Dry heating protection/ Overload and short circuit protection/ Over-temperature protection power


This machine according to JIS-K6259 ;  ASTM1149 ; ASTM1171 ; ISO1431; DIN53509 GB/T13642,GB 2951( Wire and cable resistance to ozone test method) and GB/T 7762-2003Vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber resistance to ozone cracking static tensile test). GB/T3642-92GB/T7762-2003


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