• ASTM B117-11 Salt Spray Chamber

ASTM B117-11 Salt Spray Chamber


Product Description

Salt Spray Fog Corrosion Testing Chamber can determine the corrosion resistance of iron metal or the iron metal inorganic film or organic film test, such as car rearview mirror, car audio, automotive electronics, automotive lighting, automotive lamps, motocycle lamps, motocycle rearview mirror, electrical and electronic products, watches, hardware, outdoor lighting, electronic communiction, locomotives, instrumentation, aerospace, and waterproof strip industries. Interior testing chamber can be custom made according to customers' special application and requirements.

CNS: 3627, 3385, 4159, 7669, 8886.
JIS: D0201, H8502, H8610, K5400, Z2371.
ISO: 3768, 3769, 3770.
ASTM: 8117, B268.

Salt Spray Fog Corrosion Testing Chamber
Internal Dimension WxHxD (mm)
External Dimension WxHxD (mm)
Lab Temperature
Saline test (NSS ACSS) 35±1 ℃ ;Corrosion Test (CASS)50±1 ℃
Pressure Bucket Temperature
Saline test method (NSS ACSS) 47±1 ℃ / Corrosion Test (CASS)63±1 ℃
Lab Capacity (L)
Saline Capacity(L)
Saline Concentration
5% concentration of NaCl, or every Liter 5% NaCl add 0.26g CuCl2H2O
Compressed Air Pressure
1.0~6.0 Kgf
Spray Volume
1.0~2.0ml /80cm2 /h(working at least 16 hours, and take the average value)


1, Mainly consist of tank, pneumatic system, heating unit and control system;
2, Tank adopt imported anti-erode, anti high temperature, aging resistance PVC plate, molding and high temperature welding joint, easy clean and no leakage;
3, Upper cover use transparent glass steel, convenient for operate to observe the sample and spray situation;
4, The junction of tank and cover adopt water sealing structure, easy to close and open the cover without salt fog overflow;
5, Several layers racket in the tank, to realize sample putting at various direction;
6,Tower type spray system, to make fog spray and falling uniform, avoid salt fog crystal;
7, Independent heating system to ensure the heating effective;
8, Temperature control adopt RKC temperature controller, with PID function, high accuracy and long working life;
9, Wire control panel and other component all located at right side of tank, with lock door can easy inspect and maintain.

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Salt Spray Cabinet Price
Salt Spray Cabinet Price
Salt Spray Cabinet Price
Salt Spray Cabinet Price
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Salt Spray Cabinet Price

1.Are your company a trading one or a factory?
Factory ,28 years focusing on test instruments field,4 years exporting experience.

2.After an order is placed, when to deliver?
Generally about 20 days, If we have finished products, we can arrange shipment within 3 days.
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12 months warranty.
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