• Tensile Strength Testing Machine/Universal Tensile Tester/Tensile Tester

Tensile Strength Testing Machine/Universal Tensile Tester/Tensile Tester


Tensile Strength Testing Machine/Universal Tensile Tester/Tensile Tester

Tensile Tester widely used in belt, safety belt, timing belt, clothing, shoes, rubber and plastic products, wire and cable, hardware, electronic and electrical equipment, packaging, printing, medical equipment, auto parts, textiles and leather, colleges and universities; Research laboratories; Inspection arbitration, technical supervision departments and many other industries, it is the basic equipment for quality management and physical tested...

Tensile Strength Testing Machine Feature:

1. Microcomputer control the whole testing process, real-time dynamic display the load values, displacement values, deformation, testing speed and testing curves.
2. The whole control system is safe and high reliability.
3. Adopt Panasonic servo motor, the beam moves up and down to test the load through the transmission.
4. The testing software of the Window, with strong processed capabilities of data and graphics, it can immediate print out a complete testing report and testing curves.
5. Microcomputer for data processing and analysis, testing results can be saved automatically, testing curvers can be transferred out after the test, you can know the testing process through the testing curvers, or compare with others curves, or amplify the curvers.

6. Overload protection, Has limit protection, emergency stop and other safe protective functions.


Model AS-PC- Volume
Capacity (Kg) 50,100,200,500,1000,2000,5000,10000,20000
Load Accuracy 0.5%
Load Resolution 1/100,000
Valid Width (mm) 400
Max. Route (mm) 1000(not including clamp)
Test Speed    (mm/Min.) 0.1~500(1000)
Speed Accuracy ±0.5%
Motor AC servo motor
Volume WxHxD    (mm) 1750x3310x1220
Weight (Kg) 300
Power AC220V, 1& 3 lines; AC380V, 3& 5 lines


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