Walk in Temperature Humidity Test Chamber Shipment


Walk in Temperature Humidity Climatic Stability Chamber used in defense industry, aerospace industry, automation components, automotive parts, electrical and electronic parts, plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical industries and related products.

This morning, we ship one big walk in temperature humidity test chamber to Bulgaria. Very well package  and shipment. As we, ASLI ( AI SI LI CHINA TEST EQUIPMENT COMPANY) produce inTemperature (humidity) chamber, PCT /Hast chamber (Highly accelerated stress test chamber),ESS chamber, Walk in stability test chamber, Vibration Shaker,Shock Tester for many years, we think highly of product Quality and Customer Feedback.


1. Walk in Temperature Humidity Test Chamber has a very wide range of controlling the temperature and humidity that can fulfill user’s needs. It is stable, balanced heating and humidification performance, , it also can be high accuracy and high stability for temperature and humidity control performance.

2. Equipped with high-precision intelligent thermostat, controller of temperature and humidity using touch-screen display. Optional equiped with temperature and humidity records.

3. Refrigeration circuit of Walk in Temperature Humidity Test Chamber automatically select to operate performance of refrigeration circuits, so that it starts cooling at high-temperature state.

4. Door of Walk in Temperature Humidity Climatic Stability Chamber with viewing window for observation of the testing sample.

5. Equipped with advanced security, protective device  leak circuit breakers, over-temperature protective device, lack phase protective devices and lack water protector.

Thanks for all customer Trust. With High Quality Control and Good Customer Feedback. I am sure ASLI will be better and better. We are together. ^_^


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