ASLI Pharmaceutical Stability Chambers for shelf life, accelerated aging, ICH Q1A


Those working within the pharmaceutical industry are aware of the importance of testing medicine and drugs that are stored in industry chambers.

Whether your testing is for R&D, clinical trials or ongoing stability, our stability chambers provide a stable, temperature/humidity conditioned environment for worry-free operation with a control system that is easy to use and saves you time. 

Long Term:
2-8°C, 25°C/60% RH, 25°C/40% RH, 30°C/35% RH or 30°C/65% RH
30°C/65% RH
40°C/75% RH, 25°C/60% RH

ASLI Pharmaceuticals Stability Test Chamber are perfectly designed for the high requirements of stability studies and climatic tests. ASLI Stability Chambers specifically developed to meet FDA/ICH stability requirements generating exceptional control and uniformity of both temperature and humidity. ASLI Pharmaceuticals Stability Test Chamber feature various safety feature, audio visual alarms, 21 CFR part 11 software and a vast range of options and is the most preferred choice for stability studies. Every ASLI Pharmaceuticals Stability Test Chamber repeatedly produces required conditions, structural integrity that keeps the chamber working properly through years of demanding test cycles and measuring equipment’s that precisely records all test data.

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