• Pharmaceuticals Stability Test Chamber

Pharmaceuticals Stability Test Chamber


Pharmaceuticals Stability Test Chamber

ASLI Pharmaceuticals Stability Test Chamber are perfectly designed for the high requirements of stability studies and climatic tests. ASLI Stability Chambers specifically developed to meet FDA/ICH stability requirements generating exceptional control and uniformity of both temperature and humidity. ASLI Pharmaceuticals Stability Test Chamber feature various safety feature, audio visual alarms, 21 CFR part 11 software and a vast range of options and is the most preferred choice for stability studies. Every ASLI Pharmaceuticals Stability Test Chamber repeatedly produces required conditions, structural integrity that keeps the chamber working properly through years of demanding test cycles and measuring equipment’s that precisely records all test data.

Long Term: 2-8°C, 25°C/60% RH, 25°C/40% RH, 30°C/35% RH or 30°C/65% RH
Intermediate: 30°C/65% RH
Accelerated: 40°C/75% RH, 25°C/60% RH

Model TH-80(A~F) TH-150(A~F) TH-225(A~F) TH-408(A~F) TH-800(A~F) TH-1000 (A~F)

Internal Dimension

WxHxD (mm)

400x500x400 500x600x500 600x750x500 600x850x800 1000x1000 x800 1000x1000 x1000

External Dimension

WxHxD (mm)

950x1650x950 1050x1750x1050 1200x1900 x1150 1200x1950 x1350 1600x2000 x1450 1600x2100 x1450
Temperature Range Low Temperature(A:25°C B:0°C C:-20°C D:-40°C E:-60°C F:-70°C) High Temperature 150°C
Humidity Range 20%~98%R.H.(10%-98% R.H. / 5%-98% R.H ,is optiona , need Dehumidifier)

Indication relolution/

Distribution uniformity

of temperature and humidity

0.1°C; 0.1% R.H/±2.0°C; ±3.0% R.H.

Indication relolution/

Distribution uniformity of

temperature and humidity

±0.5°C; ±2.5% R.H.

Temperature Rising /

Falling Velocity

Temperature rising approx. 0.1~3.0°C/min

temperature falling approx. 0.1~1.5°C/min;

( Falling Min.1.5°C/min is optional)

Inner and Outer


Interior material is SUS 304# stainless steel, exterior is stainless steel or see cold-rolled steel wit

h paint coated.

Insulation Material Resistant to high temperature, high density, formate chlorine, ethyl acetum foam insulation materials
Cooling System Wind cooling or water cooling, (single segment compressor-40°C, double segment compressor -70°C)
Protection Devices

Fuse-free switch, overloading protection switch for compressor, high and low voltage coolant protection

switch, over-humidity and over-temperature protection switch, fuses, fault warning system, water short

storage warning protection

Optional Accessories Inner door with operation hole , Recorder, Water Purifier, Dehumidifier
Compressor French Tecumseh Brand, Germany Bizer Brand
Power AC220V 1 3 lines, 50/60HZ , AC380V 3 5 lines , 50/60HZ
Approx. Weight (Kg) 150 180 250 320 400 450

Pharmaceuticals Stability Test Chamber Features:

1. Graceful appearance, circularly shaped body, surface treated with mist strips . Easy to operate, safe and reliable.
2. Rectangular double-paned viewing window for viewing sample under test, with interior light
3. Double-layer-insulated airtight doors, able to insulate the internal temperature effectively.
4. Water supply system that is externally connectable, convenient for refilling water into the humidifying pot and automatically recyclable.
5.French Tecumseh is used as compressor, with environment friendly refrigeration R23 or R404A
6. LCD display screen, capable of displaying the measured value as well as the set value and time.
7. The control unit has the functions of multiples segment program editing, with quick or ramp rates control of temperature and humidity.
8. Casters are provided for ease of mobility, with strong positioning screws.

Warranty:one year free warranty for whole set machine,lifelong time maintainance.

After-sale service:feedback within 8 hours after get the call or email.

Service:OEM service,Design service,Buyer lable service.


Temperature Chamber Calibration/ Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Company Information

Short introduction about ASLi factory:
We are a long history testing equipment manufacturer, in the past 28years, we devoted to simulation environmental testing equipment and Mechannical vibration and shock testing machine. Programmable Constant Temperature Humidity Test Machine is our star products , and we had obtained the CE certification for this machine .

Temperature Chamber Calibration/ Temperature Humidity Test Chamber


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