Solar Panels Test Chamber


Always for Solar Panels Testing , it should be according to IEC61646 , IEC61416 ,IEC61215 , UL1703 , IEC62108 , IEEE1513 ,IEC61730 etc  for three testing, Damp Heat Testing , Humidity Free Testing , Thermal Cycling Testing .But happy to inform that ASLI, with more than 20 years manufacturing experience , we are very familar with these testing standards  and professional on such kind chambers design.

Now , let us share you more information on:

Damp Heat:

Condition:temperature 85 ±2 ℃ , humidity: 85% ±5% R.H.

Testing last for 1000h

Humidity-freeze test:

Test points:low temperature -40℃,high temperature 85℃

Max temperature rising speed rate:200℃/Hour=3.33/min

Max temperature falling speed rate:200℃/Hour=3.33/min

Thermal cycle test

Test points:low temperature :-40℃,high temperature:85℃

Temperature falling/rising speed rate:100℃/Hour=1.67℃/min

Happy to share one good news , one of our pakistan customer just placed the order on solar panels testing chamber at the end of April. After he visited ASLI factory, thinks highly of ASLI product quality and pay cash  on site as deposit.

Photo 1-- Pakistan Customer Visiting ASLI Factory

Photo 2--Make final confirmation and signed the documents

Photo 3--Think Highly of ASLI and pay dollars cash for downpayment

Photo 4-- Take a photo before leaving ASLI

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