Temperature Humidity Chamber from New Zealand Customer


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1) temperature humidity chamber

2) temperature fast change chamber (ESS chamber)
3) thermal shock chamber
4) temperture humidity combined salt spray chamber
5) temperture humidity combined vibration chamber
6) pressure accelerated aging chamber (PCT&HAST chamber)
7) high temperature aging chamber
8) sand and dust tester
9) rain/water spray chamber
10) salt spray chamber
11) UV climate resistant chamber
12) high temperature chamber/muffle furnace
13) vacuum oven
14) high frequency vibration tester
15) mechanical shock and impact tester

16) acceleration mechanical shock tester

Recently, we receive a order of Temperature Humidity Chamber from New Zealand Customer . Because of high performance of machine , good testing accuracy of chamber , customer feel very happy with ASLI after machine delivery. 

We-ASLI is professional testing equipment manufactuer in China established in 1988. With more than 20years experience. Our products export world-widely with good reputation and high performance.  We can't gurantee the lowest price, But our reputation and quality you can trust on always..


Temperature Humidity Test Chamber is used to test various types of materials for their tolerances of heat, cold, dry, humidity. It is applied for quality inspection for all types of electronic products, electric appliance, and products from communication, instrument, automobile, plastic, metal, food, chemical, building materials, medical and aerospace industries.

if you are interested in above products, please feel free to contact us again. 

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