• Temp Humidity  Salt Spray Combined Test Chamber

Temp Humidity Salt Spray Combined Test Chamber


Temperature Humidity Corrosion Test Chamber

Specification :



Internal Dimension


External Dimension


Cabinet capacity


Controlled parameters

Temperature , relative humidity, Salt fog

Drying temp. range

Ambient to +75 deg C

Humidity temp. range

Ambient to +60 deg C

Humidity range

(with dehumidify device)

15% to 95% R.H adjustable(Temp.60deg C ~75deg C)

60% to 95% R.H adjustable(Temp.30deg C ~75deg C)

Salt fog fallout rates

rates adjustable from 0.5 to 2.5ml per 80cm2 per hour

Chamber material

P.V.C rigid plastic boar

Spraying method

Continuous and Programmable spray type

Temperature Rising/Falling Speed Rate:

From R.T.( 25 Deg C) ~ 75 Deg C, needs about 30 mins, ( approx. 2.0 Deg C /min)

From 70 Deg C ~ 30 Deg C, needs about 40 mins, ( approx. 1.0 Deg C /min)


Temperature 0.1 Deg C ; Humidity 0.1 %;

Control Accuracy

Temperature ±0.5 Deg C;  Humidity ± 2.5%R.H.


Temperature:  ± 3.5 Deg C

Humidity     ±3.0% R.H(when humidity is 75%~98%);

          ±4.0% R.H(when the humidity is 30%~75%);

Multiple Safety Protection Devices

Current discharge protection, over pressure protection, over

temperature protection, over load fuse protection

Heating and humidifying system

1. With imported stainless steel U-TYPE SUS#304 electric heating tube heater

2.Humidifying bucket made of USU#304 stainless steel and with Water solenoid valve.

3.Heating, de-humidification,humidification with independent systems.

4.With functions of automatic heating,humidification and electrical heat dehumidification ,and configurate with viewing window.

5. Humidification with recycling,auto water filling system, 15L drawer type water tank inside.

Safety Devices

1.Automatic power cut off supply device while water level is too low

2.Automatic power cut off supply device for over temperature

3.Alarm light device

4.Low salt solution alarm device


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