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Temperature Humidity Corrosion Test Chamber 

Model No : THS-900B ( 270L )
1 Internal Dimension:W900xH600xD500 mm  
  External dimension:W1500xH1300xD1000mm  
2 Temperature Range:  
  RT(+15)~ +75 Programmable  
3 Humidity Range:  
  60%~95%R.H.  Programmable or turn off this fuction   
4 Machine accuracy:
  1.Analytic accuraty:
      Temperature:  0.1 
      Humidity :  0.1 %
  2.Control accuracy :                                         
      Temperature ± 0.5                               
      Humidity : ±2.5%RH                           
  3.Distribution uniformity:
       Humidity±3.5%75%R.H. higher±4.5%75%R.H. lower
5 (A)Salt Spray Test: NSS,ACSS
     1.testing zone temperature : 35 Deg C (+/-) 2 Deg C
     2.Saturated air barrels temperature : 47 Deg C (+/-) 2 Deg C 
  (B)Corrission resistance test:
     1.Laboratory: 50 Deg C (+/-) 2Deg C 
     2.Saturated air barrels: 63 Deg C (+/-) 2 Deg C 
6 Air supply system:
  1.Air pressure is 1 kg/cm2, divided into two sections adjustment
  2.First step is rough adjustment : 2 kg/cm2 imported type air filter with drainage function, the second step is  precision adjustment : 
1 g/cm2 Pressure gauge
7 Spray fog method:
  1.Adopt  Knut principle  to absorb brine to atomization, uniform atomization degree, to ensure continuous testing standard.
  2.Fog Spray quantity: adjustable type 1-2ml(ml/80cm2/h) (average quantity of 16 hours)    
  3.Spray method: continuous spray.    
8 Heating system: 
  Adopting the direct heating mode, fast heating, reduce the standby time, when the temperature reaches ,the ON/OFF switch shift 
automatically,temperature precision, less power consumption.
9 Control System:
  1.Test Chamber temperature controller 0 ~ 99.9 Deg C , LCD display with Dual digital display
, with P.T.D automatic calculation function, temperature deviation ± 0.3 Deg C  
  2.Saturated air barrel temperature controller 0 ~ 99.9 Deg C , LCD display with Dual digital display, with P.I.D automatic 
calculation function, error of the temperature control in ±0.3 Deg C     
  3.timmer : 0~9990hr    
  4.Digital controller:0.1s~9990hr    
  5. air pressure range of the gauge: 0~5kg/cm2    
  6.temperature senser    
  7.electromagnetic valve    
  8. electric relay    
11 Water system: 
  adopting automatic adding water supplement system, automatically added, when the water level is too low
12 Safety Protection Device:
  automatic  power cut off supply device while water level is too low
  automatic  power  cut off supply device for over temperature
  alarm light device
13 Accessories:
  sample Shelf/sample stick     4 pcs each
  1 pc brine mixing barrel; 1 pc standard measuring cup; HP test paper
  3.1 pc dry bulb cup
  4.1 pc 80cm2 collector 
  1 pc glass spray nozzle
  1 pc Wet bulb cup
  1 set fog dispersal system
  1 pc meter regulator
  reagent  Nacl                   2 bottles  (500 g/bottle)
  1 pc  Air compressor    ( Optional )
14  Power: AC380V , three phase 5 lines;  50/60Hz; 6 mmcopper wire    
15 Delivery Attached Documents:Operation Manual,Warranty Card    
1. Are your company a trading one or a factory?
Factory ,28 years focusing on test instruments field,4 years exporting experience.

2. After an order is placed, when to deliver?
Generally about 20 workdays, If we have finished products, we can arrange shipment within 3 workdays.
Please be aware that our production lead times depend on specific items and item quantities.

3. What about the warranty with after - sales services?
12 months warranty.
After the warranty, the professional after-sale service team will provide perfect technical support,and help customer solve problems encountered while using our product, handles guest problems and complaints in a professional and timely.

4. What about the services and product' quality?
Service: OEM service,Design service,Buyer lable service.
Quality: Each instruments must be carried out 100% quality examination and test, the finished products must through a third party calibration institutions before shipping and delivery goods.

5. How to install and training?
If the products is easy to install and training, customers can learn the operation and maintenance manual to installation and use.
If the products is hard to use, customers can come ASLi factory to learn how to installation and use. And our engineers have a passport, we can go to overseas.

6.What's your main products?
 Environmental chambers, temperature (humidity) chamber, PCT /Hast chamber (Highly accelerated stress test chamber),ESS chamber, Walk in stability chamber,Vacuum oven,Altitude chamber,vibration test system, mechanical shock tester,environmental combined vibration chamber,etc.

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