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Australian Order--Simulated Transport Vibration Test Machine
  1. [ 2-17-2017 ]
Happy to meet a Austrial Customer--Mr. David !
Mr.David is a very frank customer. No, if say customer, i would more like to take him as a friend .
At 25th, June , Mr.David ask for a Simulated Transport Vibration Tester. After two weeks confirmed , from 800mmx800mm table to 1000mmx1000mm table to 800mmx800mm table, we have very good commuciated with each other.
That is why i saied Mr.David is Frank. As ASLi quote fast and very good-afersales, he order Simulated Transport Vibration Tester from us very soon.
Thanks every customer , i like do business with every customer with sincere heart. Do what we can promise , promise what we can do.
All business are start from friendship. Some pakaging pics for your reference: Strong Polywood Case Packaging Simulated Transport Vibration Tester.
Packing Detail:

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